What Not to Wear – Dressing the part for your interview

Job searching is tough. Filling out endless applications is comparable to a full-time job! It is reasonable to be excited yet anxious when you are called for an interview. You know that you can go above and beyond the expectations of the job, but how can you articulate that? One vital piece to a successful interview is the way you present yourself. You may have an idea of what you should wear, but we want to tell you what not to wear:

Clothes that do not fit properly 

When trying on clothing for an interview, make sure you are selecting the correct size. Clothes that are too loose or too tight will make you feel uncomfortable and it will show. Clothes that are ill-fitting might be distracting to your interviewer. Constantly adjusting your clothes will make you appear anxious.

Distracting items 

You want to be able to show your personality, but be sure to do that with your answers and attitude rather than your clothing. Neutral colors are always a safe option. Depending on the season you may be able to add subtle pops of color to your outfit.

Clothes that are too casual 

Though it may seem that a company has a relaxed environment, you still want to dress to impress for your interview. Research the company, check the website, check news sites, what are the employees wearing? Try to get a good sense of the company culture and dress a few notches above what you find. As you know, it is always better to be a little overdressed rather than look as if you don’t care about the interview because of your attire.

Take it easy on the scents

Your favorite scents, no matter how great they smell, can be an issue. People have different sensitivity levels to scents and sometimes perfume, cologne and lotions can be overwhelming without you noticing. With scents, less or none is your best option.

Of course, before you prepare for your interview you have to get one! We want to help you at every step of your job searching process. We can even help you prepare your resume and help you sharpen your interview skills. If you are thinking about job searching, currently job searching or prepping for an interview, we can help. Give us a call today at 989-720-7172 or 810-275-0690.

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